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RiTiM EGZOTiK is a modern Turkish and Arabic music ensemble from Portland, Oregon, USA. Like a chef creating their own unique version of classic French dishes, Ritim Egzotik respectfully plays classic and popular Arabic and Turkish compositions and tosses in a bit of Prog Rock and Psychedelic spices to add their own twist and to modernize these songs they love. Added to this feast of sounds are Greek and Turkish Roman(Gypsy) favorites. Ritim Egzotik performs with the best local and international Middle Eastern Dance Artists and is available for performances including acoustic, concert, club, or private party settings.

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The Casbah Raqs with Cassandra Rose – Saturday, September 5th

  Join Mid East ensemble Ritim Egzotik again for another, THE CASBAH RAQS, as they perform their take on classic Arabic and Turkish music with a variety of area Belly…

Join us this Saturday at Zaatar for great food, dancing and live middle eastern music

This Saturday the Ritim guys are excited to be playing our music in an intimate dining setting at Zaatar, a fine Lebanese restaurant in the Pearl District of Portland. Please…

THE CASBAH RAQS* this month goes FUSION and TRIBAL !

Join Ritim Egzotik for a special Fusion and Tribal Belly Dance show. They’ll perform some fun new stuff for this night, plus their regular take on classic Arabic and Turkish…

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