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RiTiM EGZOTiK is a modern Turkish and Arabic music septet from Portland, Oregon, USA. Like a chef creating their own unique version of classic French dishes, Ritim Egzotik respectfully plays classic and popular Arabic and Turkish compositions and tosses in a bit of Prog Rock and Psychedelic spices to add their own twist and to modernize these songs they love. Added to this feast of sounds are Greek and Turkish Roman(Gypsy) favorites. Ritim Egzotik performs with the best local and international Middle Eastern Dance Artists and is available for performances including acoustic, concert, club, or private party settings.

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New demo track added! More to come…

The band buckled down to work and did some recording in January and February and laid down some demo tracks from some of our favorite songs. It’s nice to have…

January Ritim Egzotik Revue this Friday!

Epic Middle Eastern Music and Belly Dance Join Portland ensemble Ritim Egzotik in our first Revue of the year – and what a way to start! We’ll bring the Turkish…

A Shimmy Wonderland

RiTiM EGZoTik members are exited to be playing for a hafla coming up in a week on December 1st. The hard working students of dancers Henna, Fanina, & Emily get a chance to show off with new choreographies and solo performances. Everyone is welcome to join the party.

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