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Dancers for the December Raq the Casbah

This month’s dancers are…

Mystique, Laurel, Aksana, Joanna Caselli, Latifa, Niira Daniella, Rachel Shelton, Maia and The Dalai Mamas!

December 16th at the Hawthorne Theater Lounge
7 – 9pm – Suggested donation $5 to $10 – 21 and over
Hawthorne Theater Lounge
SE 39th and Hawthorne – Portland

This is the last Raq the Casbah for a while! Join our mailing list to get updates for future editions! www.RitimEgzotik.com

The RiTiM EGZOTiK Revue on December 2nd

Details and new music are being worked out and finalized for our next RiTiM EGZOTiK Revue. It’s going to be a quality show! The Revue will feature dancing by Kendra, Fanina and Eva of Jasmine Bellydance, plus Henna and Jewels!

RiTiM EGZOTiK will be the hosts, and of course we will be playing live music for these astounding professional dancers that are some of the regions best! There will also be special troupe choreography, a great variety of solo performances(props anyone?), and some new music from the band. Come join us! Read more

Thank You Dr. J, The Melting Pot and KBOO FM!

I have lived in the Portland area for almost 40 years and have never been very attached it’s radio scene. In my experience, there have been a few stand out stations but they eventually get bought by large corporations and their playlists go “generic”. It’s a common theme in the radio history of many cities. Lately I feel the only reason to tune in is either KOPB or KBOO. The start of KBOO FM in 1968 is definitely a bright spot in Portland’s radio history. Like many of the best and unique things in Portland, KBOO started with grass roots and hard work – and support from the community. For over 40 years this standout station has been the independent voice for the Portland community and has remained a true reflection of the eclectic and diverse taste in music that Portlanders possess. Read more

Ritim Egzotik on the Radio

KBOORitim Egzotik will be playing a couple of tunes live on Portland’s beloved KBOO Community Radio. The goal is to promote the Mystic Mirage show happening on October 12th, and hopefully introduce the band to a new audience. Tune into KBOO 90.7 FM between 8pm and 10pm on Tuesday, October 9th. What an opportunity and what fun!

Mystic Mirage in October

The band is excited and honored to play for the great talent performing at the Mystic Mirage show in October. Don’t miss this show!

Mystic MirageMystic Mirage

An Exotic and Enchanting Evening of Live Music, Belly Dance and Fire Performance.

Friday, October 12th, 2012
21 & over only.

International Superstar Dancers SHARON KIHARA & SONIA OCHOA

21 +
$15.00 pre-sale, $20.00 at the door
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